IT Consultancy

Prollect 5 Limited was formed in 2012 and is located in London, United Kingdom. At Prollect 5 Limited we maintain a diverse hunger for terrific digital services for small and medium size businesses. There might be few other companies who are as passionate as Prollect 5 Limited is about helping clients achieve this business goals.We specialize in small business branding, web design and online marketing, our team go all-out to deliver best service and collaborative, and thrilling experience our clients. Any person who offers a creative service of any kind benefit is from a good relationship with his clients by gaining an increase in enthusiasm for the job, which generally leads to better quality design and marketing efforts. For this reason, Prollect 5 Limited places huge emphasis on the client-designer relationship and our team goes out of its way to make sure that our clients are happy throughout every step of the project.

The people within Prollect 5 Limited share as much aspiration and passion for their business as any business owner should. This means that we can identify with, and provide for, the needs of our clients better than most. With an ideal mix of creative minds and business minds, the Prollect 5 Limited team is unlike any other design team. We are not only able to design pretty pictures, but have the experience and know-how to make those pretty pictures result in more money into your bank account.

Contact Info:

20 - 22 Wenlock road, London N1 7QU 02081233910